Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Blue Deck Press sell wholesale to the public?

A: Yes, we do.  For orders of 5 ccopies of more of the same work, please email our sales staff at: sales@BlueDeckPress.com for pricing information.

Q: Is Blue Deck Press looking for new authors?

A: Yes! We are always on the lookout for original work consistent with our areas of interest. Visit our Author’s page for submission guidelines.

Q: Do you offer an advance?

A: We offer advances to many of our authors whose works we accept ranging from $250 to $5,000 or more and base the amount on several factors.

Q: What about royalties?

A: Blue Deck Press pays some of the highest royalties in the industry, our typical contract calls for a 12.5% royalty on wholesale price through our commercial outlets (Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores, etc.) and up to 25% on the retail price through our dedicated platform.

Q: When are royalties paid?

A: Royalties are paid twice a year, within 45 days of the end of the designated semi-annual period. For example, royalty payment for the six month period ending June 30th would be direct deposited to the author’s account by August 15th.

Q: Can I be paid by check?

A: While we prefer direct deposit, we can also pay our authors by check.

Q: Can you pay me through PayPal?

A: No. We like paying our authors as much as they like being paid! After a bad experience with PayPal holding transfers to individuals -without explanation to them or us – sometimes for up to six months, Blue Deck’s owners made the permanent decision to terminate any relationship with PayPal.

We wish them the best in their future endeavours but will not do business with them.

Q: Is Blue Deck Press a vanity publisher?

A: No. We carefully review submissions and pick the best of the best, we do not ask our authors to pay for anything related to the publication of our books.

Q: Does Blue Deck Press promote the books it publishes?

A: Yes ! We have one of the largest distributions networks in the U.S.A. and U.K. and we actively promote the works in our catalog through several channels.  Our books are available to bookstores through industry leading distributors such as Ingram (www.IngramBook.com)  and Baker and Taylor (www.Baker-Taylor.com),  and can be purchased retail online in paperback and eBook format at Xaxis BooksAmazon,  Barnes & Noble and elsewhere.

Q: Can I self-promote as well?

A: Yes! We encourage all of our authors to self-promote and we provide materials and industry contacts to make the process effective.


Q: Will I receive complimentary copies of my book?

A: Yes, at the time of publication you will receive a limited number of copies for your personal use.

Q: Can I buy copies of my work, wholesale?

A: Yes, you can purchase copies at our preferred wholesaler cost, and, once we have published a book of yours, you will be authorized to purchase any of the books from our authors at our preferred wholesaler price.

Q: What about rights to my book?

A: Our authors retain ownership to their books. We purchase the right to publish the book in print and electronically, North America and the U.K. for a period of time, usually seven (7) years. We make sure that you copyright the book (and assist you if you have not yet) and secure all of the proper rights to retain control of your work (aside from our right to publish, of course).

Q: Will my book be published in eBook format as well?

A: Yes. We publish all of our editions in Kindle, HTML, PDF and other available formats for distribution through Amazon.com and other eBook distributors.


Q: Can you explain the publication process?

A: The steps to our publication process are

       1.     You or your agent send us a query letter along with the
               materials  required on our authors page

       2.     We review your project and if we are not interested we notify you within 10 business days

       3.     If we are interested we request the entire work to review

       4.     If, after a review of your complete work, we are interested we will make an offer to purchase North American and U.K. publishing rights

       5.     Once we agree on terms we will forward a contract to
               you for execution

       6.     We assign you a production manager who will remain with you and the project through the balance the publication process

       7.     Your work is formatted and any editing that remains to be done will be completed

       8.     Potential book covers will be developed and the best selected

       9.     Proof copies will be distributed to you and to our staff
               for final approval

     10.     Your work goes into post-production marketing and is made available through our distribution network

      Royalties are then distributed on all sales according to the schedule appearing above.


Q: How do I get started?

A: Visit our new Author’s page and follow the instructions you find there. We look forward to the chance to see your work !

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