New Submissions

Blue Deck Press For Authors

We are always on the look out for new material.

Whether you are an established writer or a new author we would like to look at your original work in the fields of psychology, faith (as opposed to religion), human sexuality, and social justice, as well as fiction of all types.

All submissions should be be made by sending us a query letter, along with the first 30 pages double spaced pages, and a summary of the remainder of your work.  Your summary should include a chapter outline and synopsis of the entire book (no surprises, please).

If we are not interested in your work we will notify you, promptly.  We do not return submissions, if submitting by mail please do not send us the only copies of your original manuscript or work.

We do allow simultaneous submissions and often pay a small advance upon acceptance, as well as some of the highest royalties in the industry.  Our average publishing time, from acceptance of a manuscript to distribution, as of April 2011 is approximately 2 months.

Please send your query by email to:
or by mail or ccommercial carrier to:

Submissions Editor
Blue Deck Press, Inc.
1985 W. Henderson Road
Columbus, Ohio 43220

We take approximately 10 days to respond to queries, and request that you include your full name, an email address and phone number.  Submissions lacking these will not be reviewed.
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